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10 Steps for a Painless Document Review

Posted by LegalEase Solutions on May 15th, 2019

“Doing more with less” is the new legal mantra, particularly in litigation services. This mantra can be trickiest to implement in eDiscovery. Document reviews can end up becoming lengthy, expensive, and convoluted if you are not well-prepared. Special Counsel recently came up with nine steps for achieving a workflow that will prepare you for your next eDiscovery project[1].

Document review need not be a painful process. By dedicating enough time and energy to planning, strategizing, and designing case-by-case workflows, you will meet deadlines, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and save costs on your document review projects.

For over 14 years, LegalEase Solutions has been providing corporate legal departments and law firms innovative support with their document review, legal research, Contract Lifecycle Management, compliance, and on-demand legal operations. Our team recently fast-tracked a review of 300,000+ documents for a Fortune 500 finance company, saving them 75% of their cost and time. If you are interested in streamlining your document review process, reach out to us at Our team of expert attorneys is happy to help.